Pharmacists should wear FRSM if they can't distance themselves


Public Health England's new guidance for pharmacists, who are working throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, outlines that they should wear fluid-resistant surgical masks (FRSM) if they can’t distance themselves two metres apart from everyone else in the pharmacy.

NHS England’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) states: “Personal protective equipment is only required for close patient contact, within 2 metres. There are few occasions where it is expected that staff will be required to wear PPE in the pharmacy setting.”

“Pharmacists should wear FRSM if they can't distance themselves.“

However, Public Health England’s recent guidance states: “If social distancing of 2 metres is maintained, there is no indication for PPE. If social distancing is not maintained though direct care is not provided, sessional use of FRSM is recommended.”

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s recent guidance on PPE, states: “We continue to hear that pharmacists and their teams are struggling to obtain adequate supplies of PPE. This is unacceptable and we will continue to fight for more supplies to be provided to keep pharmacy teams safe. We are lobbying government and the NHS to prioritise supplies to pharmacies, in the meantime, check supplies through pharmacy wholesalers.”

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