Oxford scientists develop a rapid COVID-19 test

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A COVID-19 test has been developed, by scientists from the Oxford Suzhou Center for Advanced Research (OSCAR) and the University of Oxford's Engineering Science Department, which can easily produce results in half an hour.

In light of this test, early-stage patients may be detected earlier, helping to reduce virus spread.

“Oxford scientists develop a rapid COVID-19 test.“

The technology requires a simple heat-block that preserves a constant temperature for DNA amplification and RNA reverse transcription. It requires a change of colour to distinguish the virus, so a successful test will make two vials yellow and leave one blue.

The teams are now developing a test that can be used at home, clinics and airports.

One of the research leads, Prof Wei Huang, stated: “The beauty of this new test lies in the design of the viral detection that can specifically recognise SARS-CoV-2 RNA and RNA fragments. The test has built in checks to prevent false positives or negatives and the results have been highly accurate.”

Director of OSCAR, Prof Zhanfeng Cui, stated: “I am proud of our team that have developed a useful technology and can make a contribution in combating CoV-19 and we are very grateful to the hospital’s medical team led by Dr Xizhou Sun, Dr Xiuming Zhang and Dr Dan Xiong for their part in testing this new technology.”

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