Lucid Group develops its COMET

Healthcare Communications

By naming COMET Ambassadors and appointing editors, the Lucid Community has been growing and utilising its Centre Of Medical EdiTing (COMET). The ambassadors are promoting best working practices and leading pilot projects and the editors have been trained in medical writing and are now certified by the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP) – to ensure COMET’s successful integration into Lucid Group.

“Lucid Group develops its COMET.“

Associate Editorial Director and head of COMET, Liz Jennings, stated: “We’re thrilled that Lucid Group sees the value in sponsoring individual membership of CIEP for COMET team members. This allows our editors to gain merits across a core-training copyediting and proofreading programme, both with CIEP and with our own programme to ensure our right-first-time ethos produces high quality work and consistent standards for our clients.”

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