Merck Introduces its cloud-based instrument connectivity and inventory management platform, BrightLab,


Merck recently revealed its cloud-based instrument connectivity and inventory management platform, BrightLab, for research scientists. The state-of-the-art software, which acknowledges that each lab has its own devices, includes an electronic lab notebook which allows lab managers and scientists to update and follow experiments from any mobile or PC.

Once the set-up has finished, scientists can explore data across experiments and projects. To stay organised and speed up the discovery process, lab equipment maintenance calibrations, reminders and protocols are stored in one place.

“Merck introduces its BrightLab™ cloud-based inventory management and instrument connectivity platform for research scientists.“

Furthermore, the BrightLab platform allows for additional hours at the bench for researchers and connects lab instruments to the cloud through the Internet of Things and application programming interface integrations. In addition, BrightLab produces a secure archive of reports and automates workflows. The platform has SSL encryption, therefore all of the information on the cloud is accessible to only designated users.

Head of Research Solutions at Life Science, Merck, Klaus-Reinhard Bischoff, stated: “In today’s research environment, analogue methods of documentation and analysis often take us away from the research itself. By centralizing essential research information, we are empowering scientists to be more productive, save time and avoid costly errors.”

Laboratory Manager at the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland, Emmet Campion, stated: “The BrightLab platform has transformed our chemical management processes. We now have complete oversight of our chemical inventory across multiple sites, including hazard identification and safety documentation, as well as the ability to reorder. It is the complete system for the modern laboratory.”

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