Ceva launches Hypertension Ambassadors’ initiative

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Ceva Animal Health, manufacturer of Amodip®, is launching Hypertension Ambassadors, a unique online CPD course to update vets and veterinary nurses on feline hypertension. The course is aimed at vets and nurses who wish to build their confidence and take the lead in finding hypertension in cats in their clinic.

The free course (worth £150), hosted by CPD solutions, takes the form of an Online Mini Series™ and is hosted by Dr Sarah Caney BVSc DSAM(Feline) MRCVS, a leading UK specialist in Feline Medicine. It will encompass finding out which cats need screening for feline hypertension, how to become confident in recommending a blood pressure check to owners, hints and tips on taking a reliable blood pressure measurement and handling cats calmly to reduce ‘situational hypertension’.

“Ceva Animal Health is launching Hypertension Ambassadors.“

The comprehensive course consists of four 30 minute recorded sessions including course notes and self-assessment questions for each module. Once the course and quizzes are complete, the delegate will receive a Hypertension Ambassador pin badge and a certificate for four hours’ CPD. The first 500 delegates to complete the course will be offered either a cat hide or an eye atlas.

To make it easy for vets and vet nurses, the course can be completed online at any time. The feline hypertension live sessions start on Wednesday 4 March and run weekly until Wednesday 25 March, with the opportunity to ask questions during the session. All the live sessions start at 1pm. The recorded sessions will be available, thereafter.

Suzanne Page BVSc MRCVS, cardio-nephrology-hypertension product manager at Ceva Animal Health, says: “Feline hypertension is a common condition in older cats and a 'silent killer' because there are no early warning signs until it is too late. Our Hypertension Ambassadors’ initiative will educate veterinary professionals on every aspect of feline hypertension to enable them to confidently talk to their clients about the condition, measure blood pressure in a cat-friendly way and offer advice on the different treatments available.”

To register for the Hypertension Ambassadors’ Online Mini Series and for more information on the content of the course please visit https://www.veterinarywebinars.com/feline-hypertension-ambassador/. For further information on feline hypertension or Amodip® please contact your local Ceva Animal Health account manager or telephone 01494 781510.

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