Additional support implemented for mental health suffering patients in Greater Manchester


A brand-new pilot programme, funded by the NIHR Greater Manchester Patient Safety Translational Research Centre, has been implemented into a range of community pharmacists in Greater Manchester in aid to support patients with mental health.

Patients recently diagnosed with anxiety or depression will undergo a series of consultations, with advice on potential side effects and how to take their medicines. A second appointment will follow 1-2 weeks after the first consultation, and then each time the patient renews their medication. The consultations aim is to provide the patients with personalised support and encouragement so that they can achieve their personal goals.

“Additional support implemented for mental health suffering patients in Greater Manchester.“

Director for England at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, Ravi Sharma, stated: “Community pharmacy is the most accessible point of healthcare within the NHS and has a key role in supporting some of the most vulnerable people within our populations. We would like to see all community pharmacies commissioned to provide physical health monitoring and management of these conditions alongside personalised support to enable every patient to achieve a better quality of life.’’

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