AZ pledges to turn carbon neutral by 2025


During the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, AstraZeneca (AZ) pledged to reduce its carbon emissions throughout its global operations to zero by 2025, as part of its one-billion-dollar 'Ambition Zero Carbon' programme.

The one-billion-dollar investment will be used to produce next-generation respiratory inhalers, which will have virtually zero negative impacts on global warming. In addition to this, a majority of the investment will be used to switch to electric cars and convert all of its energy consumption into heat and power renewables. Moreover, AZ pledges to ask its suppliers to minimise their carbon emissions, to cut their value chain carbon emissions by 2030.

“AZ has pledged to reduce its carbon emissions throughout its global operations to zero by 2025.“

AZ has also announced that it will plant fifty million trees over the next five years, in partnership with local governments and tree organisations, to support the '' initiative of the World Economic Forum. In February the first of the fifty-million trees will be planted in Australia, with other countries soon to follow suit.

AZ’s Chief Executive Officer, Pascal Soriot, stated: “Climate change is an urgent threat to public health, the environment and the sustainability of the global economy. Since 2015, we have reduced our carbon emissions from operations by almost a 3rd and our water consumption by almost one 5th. But now is the time to act even faster and redouble our efforts. The commitments AstraZeneca has made today as part of our Ambition Zero Carbon strategy will enable us to speed up the reduction of our Company’s impact on climate and inspire collaboration at a global level to affect policy change.”

Steering Committee member of the Science Based Targets initiative and Global Lead of Science Based Targets at WWF, Alexander Farsan, stated: “We congratulate AstraZeneca for responding to the climate emergency and raising the ambition of their science-based targets which were already in line with the Paris Agreement’s most ambitious goal, to limit warming to one-point-five degrees. As the impact of climate change is felt by more and more communities across the globe, AstraZeneca’s collaborative approach to scale the impact of a science-based approach across their value chain is exactly what is needed.”

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