Thermo Fisher Scientific releases its NanoDrop QC Software


Thermo Fisher Scientific recently released its NanoDrop QC Software for the NanoDrop OneC Spectrophotometer to help materials scientists gauge the concentration of various components that make up liquid samples, concisely and swiftly, to minimise costs and increase productivity.

The NanoDrop QC platform allows materials scientists to extract results of chemical analysis within ten seconds, through the use of chemometric methods. From here, technicians can complete the analyses by collecting data that will open the techniques of liquid chemical quality assurance to a broader number of users.

“Thermo Fisher Scientific releases its NanoDrop QC Software.“

The Nanodrop QC Spectrophotometer reduces pedestal path-lengths from sample absorbance, which enables customers to assess concentrated spotlight samples without the need for dilution, thereby saving time and cost.

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Global Business Director of UV/Vis spectroscopy, Karnel Walker, stated: "The NanoDrop One C is poised to save industrial customers an enormous amount of time. With the ability to quickly verify the quality of their samples, spectroscopists may spend less time on data analysis and more time on method development."

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