Mast highlights advantages of ESBL detection portfolio


Mast has highlighted the potential advantages its range of ESBL enzyme detection and analysis products can deliver in the field of healthcare laboratory analysis.

The science company has drawn attention to the fact that ESBL-producing bacteria have become increasingly prominent in clinical microbiology in recent years, with the superbugs presenting greatest risk in areas such as intensive care units.

This health risk was underlined in recent Mast-published research from expert David Livermore, which states that "patients infected by ESBL producers often receive inadequate empirical therapy until the pathogen's resistance is recognised".

As a result, Mast states that demand for diagnostic products such as its Spectrum beta lactamase set and AmpC and ESBL detection set has seen an accompanying increase.

It states that products of this kind allow laboratories to more easily identify the resistance profile of the bacteria, thereby making it easier to combat them.

Last month, Mast launched its new Loopamp DNA and RNA amplification kits, which are designed to provide life science researchers with fast and accurate results.

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