RCVS study shows female dominance among vet students

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The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) has published new research which suggests that the veterinary profession is becoming increasingly female-dominated.

According to the body's latest RCVS Facts report, less than a quarter of veterinary students commencing their degrees last year were male, with the proportion standing at 24 per cent.

The relative dominance of females was also reflected among practicing surgeons, with women comprising 53 per cent of those working in the profession during 2009.

Previous RCVS figures suggest that the trend is a relatively recent development, as just over 30 per cent of new vet students were male in 1999, while the split was roughly equal in 1989.

However, the 2009 figures show a slight increase in male students compared to the previous year, when only 23 per cent of those beginning degrees were men.

Last month, the RCVS announced the appointment of Andrea Jefferey to the RCVS Council, becoming the first veterinary nurse to become a member of the body.

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