Anachem launches new packaging for BioClean pipette tips


Anachem is introducing a new packaging system for its Rainin BioClean pipette tips, which is designed to be more efficient, safe and environmentally friendly.

The new SpaceSaver Stacked Refill Systems is a rack-based packaging solution which is designed to allow tips to be stored within seconds, automatically aligning and refilling racks 96 tips at a time.

In addition to this, its sleeve, lid and rack design are optimised to eliminate the risk of contamination.

Anachem also highlighted the environmental benefits of the new SpaceSaver packaging, featuring a major reduction in plastic content and wastage than other pre-filled individual tip racks, while also being entirely recyclable.

The company said: "From raw material selection to clean production, extensive testing and safe packaging, Rainin BioClean tips are the purest and safest on the market."

Earlier this month, the science firm released the Midori Green DNA Stain, which can be used to detect nucleic acid in agarose gels in a versatile and sensitive way.

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