Prosurgics relaunched as FreeHand Surgical

Medical Company Restructures

Prosurgics has been relaunched under the new name FreeHand Surgical following a £3.5 million acquisition deal.

European and UK investors have pooled resources to purchase the medical technology company in order to allow it to better capitalise on the laparoscopic surgery market in Britain and the US.

The centrepiece of the relaunched company will be the FreeHand robotic arm device, which allows surgeons to manually control the camera involved in such procedures using simple head movements.

With the use of an activating foot pedal, surgeons can tilt their heads to change the angle of the camera or zoom in and out, while the device also offers a number of speed options.

Mark Kirby, the new company's non-executive chairman, said that the augmented management team and increased financial backing will allow FreeHand Surgical to build on its current success.

He said: "Keyhole surgery is a growth area and the FreeHand robotic camera controller has the potential to be adopted by all keyhole operating theatres in the UK and USA."

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