Jenax announces a non-flammable liquid electrolytes solution

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Jenax has recently announced its non-flammable liquid electrolytes solution for batteries which can prevent them from becoming a fire hazard, particularly when short circuited or in hot weather conditions. Once introduced in a battery, non-flammable liquid electrolytes are said to maintain high battery performance while at the same time improving the protection of products coming into close contact with people including, wearables and electric vehicles.

Jenax will allow manufacturers and hard ware designers to use gel polymer/ liquid based batteries, once they’ve implemented the solution into their own batteries.

“Jenax has recently announced its non-flammable liquid electrolytes solution.“

Director of Jenax, EJ Shin, stated: “Liquid is the best conductor for ionic movement, which means it delivers the best battery performance. But because liquid can also be a tremendous fire hazard, many manufacturers try to use solid state electrolyte instead. They sacrifice efficiency and in the case of wearables, comfort and usability, for safety. Jenax has always been focused on delivering the greatest combination of safety and performance. With this non-flammable electrolyte – we’re taking both to the next level – providing the peace of mind manufacturers and consumers need with the high performance they deserve.”

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