DePuy launches new spinal correction instrument set

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DePuy has released a set of medical instrumentation designed to correct spinal alignment among sufferers of scoliosis.

The Johnson and Johnson subsidiary's new Expedium Vertebral Body Derotation (VBD) Set is a versatile offering of instruments that allow multiple vertebral bodies to be linked and aligned, helping to decrease abnormal curvatures and rib rotation.

It includes the Expedium Derotation Quick Stick, which is an extension to pedicle screws that provides secure attachment and three-dimensional spinal correction.

DePuy explained that the system has also been optimised to allow clinicians to accommodate different surgical techniques, as well as the specific healthcare needs of each patient.

Dr Randal Betz, a design surgeon who helped to develop the Expedium VBD Set, said the system is "designed to streamline the [derotation] process and helps to produce an excellent clinical and cosmetic result".

Earlier this month, parent company Johnson and Johnson reported that strong performance of DePuy's orthopaedic joint reconstruction and sports medicines has helped the group to record year-on-year sales improvements in the first quarter.

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