Dentsply launches Palodent 360


The revolutionary Palodent three-sixty circumferential matrix system has been launched by Dentsply with a brand-new, uncomplicated structure which has noteworthy advantages including, a distinct perspective of the operating field, simplicity of placement and no retainer which can be uncomfortable and limit access. Furthermore, the state-of-the-art circumferential matrix system’s design enables clinicians to accomplish tight contacts with anatomically natural contours effortlessly, without the utilisation of an instrument or retainer.

“The revolutionary Palodent 360 circumferential matrix system has been launched by Dentsply.“

Dentsply Sirona Restorative’s Product Marketing Manager, Paquita Poindexter, stated: “The newest addition to the Palodent family of matrix systems will provide clinicians with all the tools they need to easily conduct any Class 2 restorations with complete confidence. The simplicity of the Palodent three-sixty circumferential matrix systems allows for simpler, quick restorations for the clinician and the patient.”

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