Eppendorf launches new UV-transparent disposable cuvette


Eppendorf has released a UV-transparent disposable cuvette designed to facilitate spectrophotometric analysis in a variety of life science applications.

The new Eppendorf UVette has been specially designed to retain liquids in the centre of its measuring area, even at low volumes, thereby preventing the capillary effect and offering precision and convenience.

It is also shaped in a way which allows 10 mm and 2 mm optical light path lengths to be combined in one cuvette, meaning it can cover measurements across a wide range of concentrations.

Eppendorf is offering the new product in a range of different packages, depending on the specific needs of researchers involved in DNA analysis and the study of nucleic acid purifications.

The science company said: "It is ideally suited for spectrophotometric measurements in the UV and VIS range and represents a perfect example of Eppendorf's expertise in the area of development and manufacturing of high quality consumables."

Earlier this year, Eppendorf launched the Eporator, a device designed for the electroporation of bacteria, as well as for transferring DNA into organisms for downstream processing.

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