BD launches new multicolour flow cytometry system


BD's biosciences division has released a new flow cytometry system which allows multicolour applications to be conducted with maximum efficiency.

The science company's new BD LSRFortessa System is an off-the-shelf unit which uses blue, red, violet and UV lasers to detect up to 18 colours simultaneously.

It offers a relatively small benchtop footprint and incorporates technologies that reduce excitation losses and improve light collection efficiency, meaning researchers can benefit from high resolutions and sensitivity levels.

The system is also designed to be upgradeable with new lasers and offers a number of customisation options, allowing laboratories to tailor the unit to their own assay requirements.

James Glasscock, president of cell analysis at BD Biosciences, said: "This new BD LSRFortessa System is a perfect example of how we are offering researchers powerful, flexible, high-performance tools that will meet their needs today and tomorrow."

Earlier this month, the company released the BD Innova Preanalytical Automated Microbiology Specimen Processor, a system which offers increased automation in order to improve efficiency and reduce errors.

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