Arjo launches Electronic Sling Identification System

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Arjo has released a new sensor device which makes it easier for healthcare professionals to identify and maintain patient hoist slings.

The company's Electronic Sling Identification System consists of a transponder, smaller than a grain of rice, which can be installed into the beading of slings from various different manufacturers.

Once fitted, the transponder can be detected using an electronic hand reader, which will display the device's unique serial number.

The company states that this will make it easier for clinicians to differentiate between slings, as most units feature markings which are susceptible to degradation from washing or do not have serial numbers.

It added that this identification could prove crucial in adhering to Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations, which require slings to be identified and examined every six months.

Last week, the company revealed that it has recently donated a Maxi Sky600 ceiling lift system to the Holly Grove special education school in Burnley, in order to help its pupils enjoy greater mobility.

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