Government promises to help autistic adults live independently

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In a new strategy announced today, the government has promised to help autistic adults to live independently.

Care Services minister Phil Hope said adults with autism have been excluded for "far too long", adding that the new strategy was a "foundation for culture changes".

Government statistics claim that just 15 per cent of autistic adults are in paid employment and 49 per cent still live at home with their parents. The government strategy, entitled Fulfilling and Rewarding Lives, aims to help adults with autism to find work and live independent lives.

The strategy sets a framework for all mainstream public sector services to support adults with autism and is backed up by the Autism Act 2009, the first ever condition-specific legislation.

Mr Hope said: "This strategy will start a fundamental change in public services with better awareness and understanding."

This news was welcomed by Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, director of the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University, who stated that autistic people are currently being marginalised.

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