Mettler Toledo endorses advantages of Liquid Handler system


Mettler Toledo has highlighted the advantages its automated Liquid Handler pipetting system can offer to laboratory technicians.

The company has stated that the device can facilitate reliable assessment of liquid samples without the need for weighing when used together with processing and titration components such as the T90 Excellence Titrator.

It stated that this setup can allow for flexible and precise measurement parameters to be put in place, with the system's design optimised for eliminating errors.

Mettler Toledo suggested that these advantages make it a preferable alternative to manual weighing, which can be a time-consuming process and can cause confusion when large numbers of samples are involved.

It therefore stated that pipetting with the Liquid Handler is an "efficient, reliable alternative to weighing".

Last week, the company underlined the potential benefits of its full portfolio of product offerings in this area, which it said can offer "new solutions" in terms of user-friendliness and efficiency.

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