Cook Medical's hernia treatment supported by clinical study

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Cook Medical has received an endorsement of its hernia graft treatment system from a recent clinical study.

Results from the trial of the Biodesign Inguinal Hernia Graft showed that those patients trialled using Cook's product demonstrated less postoperative pain than those using synthetic mesh systems.

Dr Luca Ansaloni, who led the study, also stated that those using the Biodesign biologic graft showed a quicker recovery time.

Andy Cron, vice president of Cook Medical's surgery business unit, described the findings as a "very important" addition to the debate over the relative merits of biologic and synthetic grafts.

He added: "Dr Ansaloni's research reinforces our efforts to leverage biologic solutions that provide hernia patients with a natural, lasting solution."

Last month, the healthcare firm attended the 2010 International Symposium on Endovascular Therapy in order to demonstrate its latest advances in vascular disease treatment.

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