Evaluation of the NHS England prototype dental contracts published


The department of Health and Social Care have published positive progress in the first year protype for improving oral health, in its first year of launching, but it still needs further improvement.

Professor Rooney said on the prototype, “‘In moving forward, it is important to consider that it is possible to continue to develop and test an approach, looking to get the best contract for all parties, but to recognise that at some point a judgement call has to be made that the approach is “good enough”…It is a balance of risk for all parties and this point has not been reached yet.”

“NHS England Dental prototype model makes positive first step“

The British Dental Association agreed that the model needed further examination. ‘The NHS dental system is fundamentally broken,’ BDAs chair of General Dental Practice, Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen, said.

‘This report underlines why it will take more than tinkering round the edges to avoid putting NHS dentistry out of business.”

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