BHP Laboratories have launched a new testing facility in Ireland

Medical Devices

Following on from their large investment into brand-new facilities, BHP Laboratories have recently launched a brand-new testing facility in Ireland which proposes an exclusive, elemental impurity testing service for the med-tech and pharmaceutical divisions.

Laboratory Manager at BHP Laboratories, Dervla Purcell, stated: “Our customers within the pharmaceutical and medical device industries are regulated by very strict quality control requirements and want to work with accredited and approved laboratories. They also want to reduce lead times for testing. Our investment comes on the back of significant growth in the number of customers looking for our services in the past few years. The new cleanroom sample preparation facility along with the ICP instruments complement our existing in house techniques such as GCMS, LCMS and HPLC, and allows us to offer a complete testing package to clients where time and compliance are critical.”

“BHP Laboratories have launched a new testing facility.“

The Minister for Employment, Business, Trade, EU Digital Single Market and Data Protection, and the official opener of the brand-new laboratory, Pat Breen, stated: “As a premier independent and multidisciplinary laboratory in Ireland that is already employing over 50 people, I am very pleased that it continues to expand its business in the Mid-West region. The work conducted by BHP ultimately allows the pharma, life sciences and med-tech industries to continue producing innovative new products which will be sold on global markets. Collectively we are enhancing the competitiveness of the Irish economy while helping to create the jobs of the future. BHP’s

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