Mettler Toledo introduces new tips for the Liquidator 96


Mettler Toledo has announced the availability of RAININ LTS LiteTouch tips for its Liquidator 96 manual pipetting machine.

The tips, which are 100 per cent sterile and contamination-free, are now available in the one to 20 volume range, as well as the existing five to 200 volume range.

According to the scientific instruments firm, the Liquidator 96 incorporates the smooth operation of a hand-held pipette and offers all of the stability of a bench-top system.

The Liquidator 96 manual bench top system is capable of filling 96- and 384-well plates without compromising study results or wasting samples, it added.

It requires no electricity, complex robotics or long set-up times.

The company continued: "The stable design and small footprint ensures easy operation on the bench top or under a bio-safety hood."

Meanwhile, last month Mettler Toledo unveiled the FiveGo DO to the scientific community - a machine that is designed to make measuring dissolved oxygen easier.

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