Purina food vouchers issued with Tesco Pet Insurance

Veterinary Supplier News

Purina vouchers for the company's pet food products are being given to Britons who take out pet insurance with supermarket Tesco.

Those who purchase either the standard cover or extra cover policies are eligible to receive £52 worth of discount vouchers for Purina pet foods from September 17th to October 14th 2009.

Each voucher allows the user £1 off the products when they spend £5 or more on selected brands.

Additionally, new customers who buy the cover during this period will be awarded a 20 per cent discount in their first year and will also receive a further five per cent off if they insure more than one pet.

Animals with pre-existing medical conditions are excluded from Tesco policies, as are certain breeds of dogs.

Meanwhile, a survey conducted by Purina this summer found that 79 per cent of pet owners said that they regularly feed their dogs snacks as a treat.

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