3M Health Care offers credits towards Ortholux dental products

Dental Supplier News

3M Health Care, which offers products to those in the dental profession, is giving its customers the chance to earn around £300 in credits.

This is to go towards the purchase of the brand new Ortholux Luminous Curing Light or the Ortholux LED Curing Light and is available to those who make a donation of the same amount to a charitable foundation.

The organisation in question is Smiles Change Lives, which runs an initiative entitled adopt-a-smile that allocates contributions for dental work to deserving young individuals.

One of the benefits of the Ortholux Luminous Curing Light is that it has the capability to go from zero to cured in just three seconds, in the case of ceramic brackets.

As well as health care, 3M also operates in various other fields in the UK, including consumer and office, display and graphics, electro and communications, industrial and transportation and safety, security and protection.

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