UK must be "play-off contenders" in physical activity league tables

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The UK must be "play-off contenders" rather than "relegation candidates" in global physical activity league tables in order to improve the nation's health, it has been asserted.

Health secretary Andy Burnham made his comments in recent days as he called on the NHS to make the promotion of more active lifestyles part of its "core business", rather than just a "peripheral concern".

Mr Burnham, who is the Labour MP for Leigh, explained that in his vision for a fitter England, he would like to see the nation move up the European league table in terms of physical activity. It currently stands in 21st place.

"Just as five years ago, we set ourselves the target of coming fourth in the 2012 Olympic medal tables, now I want us to aspire to fourth place in the physical activity league tables over the next ten years," he said.

Mr Burnham also announced that a new cross-government ministerial summit, which he will chair, will also take place.

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