Prosurgics says device meets real needs

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Prosurgics has described one of its products as a tool that meets "real needs".

The surgical robotics firm, which unveiled its FreeHand laparoscopic camera controller this week, said surgeons will be able to achieve better visualisation via the device.

President of the company Bill Perry said experience on the continent showed Prosurgics how much demand there is for a product such as FreeHand.

"The message we are getting is very clear - FreeHand addresses real needs, simply and affordably ... providing surgeons direct control of the scope, procedural time savings and a rock-steady viewing image has proven very attractive," he explained.

Meanwhile, earlier this year saw the group celebrate its nomination for the FreeHand product.

The 2009 Medlink awards recognised the laparoscopic camera controller in the innovation category, stating that the prizes are aimed at highlighting new technologies, international success in the industry and achievements in business.

Prosurgics is dedicated to pioneering a new generation of innovative but affordable surgical robots. The company?s technology portfolio encompasses image guided and tele-manipulator systems, surgical planning and intra-operative navigation.

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