A VN’s mother knits socks for pets on anaesthetics

Animal Health

Laurels Veterinary Surgery (LVS) in Runcorn, Cheshire usually provides blankets and heat pads to pets who are undergoing operations, due to the anaesthetics making it extremely hard to for them to control their temperature. However, Maria Clark, Head Veterinary Nurse at LVS, recently took a different approach by turning to her mother, Rosemary Clark, and as a result she generously volunteered to knit colourful socks tailored to the animal’s paws, so that they don’t lose a substantial amount of heat, especially throughout the winter season.

“Knitted socks for pets on anaesthetics.“

Rosemary stated: “I really enjoy making them the socks, it is the perfect hobby for these cold, dark winter nights. It’s a great cause for pets having an operation and I am glad they are being put to good use. I can make socks to fit any pet whether it’s a small cat, a Chihuahua or Labrador with big paws, and they are in all sorts of colours but the pets don’t mind that.”

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