Arjo Easy Slide range said to minimise problems

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Arjo's new Easy Slide range for applying and removing compression stockings minimises problems, according to the manufacturer.

Carers are able to use a smooth motion to complete this process and avoid causing any discomfort to themselves or the patient.

The new product, which is made from a special coated nylon, comes in various sizes and makes applying or removing stockings "effortless and ergonomic". The compression stockings help to enhance care for users, Arjo said.

A selection of three types are available - the Easy Slide Caran for closed-toe stockings, the Easy Slide for open-toes and the Easy-Off for all types.

They are useful within the acute sector because of DVT risks, but it is also helpful in a community setting for use with leg ulcers, according to the company.

Arjo also gave details about its Flites sling product this week.

The disposable slings help to combat cross infection and there are now new sizes in the Clip Flites range.

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