Coloplast launches product to help colostomy patients

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Coloplast has launched a new product to improve the lives of people with colostomies and ileostomies.

The SenSura urostomy range is the latest addition to the company's range and it complements a number of existing products ? such as the SenSura Flex, SenSura Click and SenSura 1-piece.

According to the firm, the device is discreet, comfortable and secure.

Created with double-layer adhesive, it utilises a unique multi-chamber bag, which collects liquid and stores it in smaller sections.

Teri Challier, SenSura international product manager, noted the bag is slimmer, less noticeable and quieter because of the number of small compartments.

"It's a similar principle to the plastic bags you make ice cubes with," he said.

"Compare that to how a normal plastic bag bulges when filled with water and you can see the difference."

Earlier this month Coloplast's chief executive officer Lars Rasmussen commented on the Department of Health's decision to reduce the reimbursement price for stoma and continence appliances by 2p.

He said reductions are never desirable but the company would do its best to make sure the move does not have a negative impact on its consumers in England.

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