Exoskeletons could help MS patients with their mobility

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The MS Society says that many patients who have multiple sclerosis find it too strenuous to meet the recommended requirements of exercising one and a half hours per week, due to their symptoms. However, there is a potential light at the end of the tunnel through the research and development of exoskeletons to support the physical movements of MS sufferers. In order to support this revolutionary R&D, the MS Society is generously raising forty-thousand pounds.

Director of research at the MS Society, Dr Susan Kohlhaas, stated: “For many people living with progressive forms of the condition, there are no treatments available. We believe we can stop MS, but until then we urgently need to find new and innovative ways to help everyone with the condition live as well as they are able.”

“Exoskeletons could assist MS sufferers on their mobility.“

Research lead from Sheffield’s Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Dr Siva Nair, stated: “A lack of it can cause heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and depression. So we need to find a way to make it easier for people with advanced MS to take part in physical activity. Robotics is the natural step forward. By embracing this technology we are giving people who can’t walk the chance to exercise like everyone else. We understand it’s not every day you see someone in a robot suit and society might need to adjust to such a weird and wonderful sight. That’s why we’re also going to be observing the personal implications of keeping fit in this way, including whether the person wearing the exoskeleton feels it’s an accepted way to exercise.”

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