Minster Vets looking for canine blood donors

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An inspiring lurcher named Basil has generously donated ten pints of blood over the course of five years to Minster Veterinary Practice in York, to help dogs who require emergency blood transfusions. As a result of this, registered veterinary nurse and owner of Basil, Alice Jones, has formed an appeal with Basil at the forefront in the hope that Basil will inspire other owners to enrol their dogs as possible blood donors too.

In light of the appeal, the veterinary practice in Crockey Hill, Minster is also calling on pet owners to help them create a list of potential clients willing to put their pet forward as a donor so that the charity Pet Blood Bank can conduct blood sessions every three months.

“Alice Jones has formed an appeal with Basil at the forefront.“

Alice Jones stated: “Donated blood is used to save the lives of dogs from all over the country that have been involved in accidents or are seriously ill. I have witnessed first-hand how it literally saves lives in minutes and none of my dogs have minded or suffered any after effects. It would be great to have a list of potential donors who could attend a session with the Pet Blood Bank. It is a completely safe procedure and dogs don’t seem to mind at all. Basil often comes to work with me and the first time he gave blood was when we had to get blood into a dog, otherwise it wouldn’t have made it. I knew Basil was fit and healthy, so he gave blood. He was been a donor twelve times now, nine times for Pet Blood Bank and three times for Minster Vets when he has answered an SOS.”

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