Sinclair to in-license skin products

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Sinclair has made an agreement with BMG to in-license a range of anti-infection skin products.

The latter will license the pharmaceutical company the products and patented technology for a range of creams, lotions, foams and cleansers - some of which will include silver incorporated into nanospheres.

Aimed to quickly kill many of the organisms associated with infection, this blend is designed to enhance and stabilise antimicrobial activity.

Both the businesses predict the first products from this agreement will be available within one to two years.

Earlier this year, Sinclair also signed a deal to out-license a range of early stage gynaecology technologies to BMG.

Dr Michael Flynn, chief executive of Sinclair, explained the commercial arrangements allow his firm to broaden its portfolio and develop its pipeline without investing large amounts of cash.

He commented this would enable the company to "continue building revenues and profits from its existing dermatology and oral health portfolio".

According to the firm, Sinclair has proven expertise in acquiring and developing undervalued but commercially attractive products.

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