Bayer unveils coloured Microlet lancets

Pharmaceutical Company Product News

Bayer has unveiled coloured Microlet lancets in a bid to remind diabetics when to change medication.

The sterile needles allow users to choose a colour for a specific day or time.

The company adds the silicon coating on the product allows for gentler injecting, while its new shape is easier to fit in the patient's hand.

Bayer noted: "The lancet ejection feature makes it quick and easy to eject a lancet without touching the needle."

In December last year, the organisation revealed a study of 120 people who suffer from diabetes found its A1CNow+ monitor was as precise and accurate as the high-performance liquid chromatography method used in laboratories.

Speaking at the time, Dr Thorsten Petruschke, director of medical, clinical and scientific affairs at Bayer Diabetes Care Europe, said: "Accurate and reliable in-office A1C testing with the A1CNow+ monitor provides immediate results for patients and physicians."

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