Schering Plough launches Coppertone NutraShield

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Schering-Plough has launched the Coppertone NutraShield range, it has been announced.

Developed at the company's Solar Research Centre, the line has been unveiled as a form of protection against UVA and UVB rays.

The business adds the product also includes antioxidants that replenish skin and support the natural repairing process.

Patricia Agin, fellow in skincare research and development at the Coppertone Solar Research Centre, said the changing environment was "altering" the way people think about the effects of the sun on the body.

She added: "Our research indicates that consumers want ? broad spectrum sunscreens ? [and] formulas with antioxidants that can help promote natural skin repair."

Included in the new range is a sun protection factor (SPF) 70+ Faces lotion, along with lotions at the same strength and below for the body.

Earlier this month, Schering-Plough launched Claritin Liqui-Gels, for sale over the counter.

The non-drowsy oral therapy is used as a treatment for people with allergies.

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