Schering Plough Canada awards prize

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Schering Plough, in collaboration with BioteCanada, has awarded a prize to a doctor.

Dr Etienne Gagnon of Harvard Medical School, US, was presented with this year's Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) BioteCanada/Schering Plough Canada Fellowship.

The award was for his research in improving the understanding of the physical process behind T cell activation, in the hope of creating new cancer therapies based on manipulating the body's immune response.

Working alongside Dr Kai Wucherpfennig at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Dr Gagnon uses an imaging technique to observe physical changes that take place when a signal is transmitted across the cell's membrane.

Carlos Dourado, president and general manager of Schering Plough Canada, said the company was proud to collaborate with CIHR on the award.

He continued: "Encouraging health research by Canadians like Dr Gagnon is important for our industry and for the future of health care."

President and chief executive officer of BioteCanada, Peter Brenders, added: "Research and discovery are the driving forces behind innovation, and, fundamentally, economic growth and wealth for Canada."

Based in Kenilworth, US, Schering Plough employs 55,000 people and had net sales in 2007 of $12.7 billion (8.5 billion pounds).

In the same year, the company's research and developments came to $2.9 billion.

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