Planmeca launches new symbol

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Planmeca is set to introduce a new symbol, to illustrate the traditional all in one concept behind the company's procedures and product releases.

The company says its all in one concept is the all-inclusive service range, supplying dental care units, x-ray units and software to dental clinics.

Additionally, the aforementioned all in one concept includes the company's integration of its dental solutions, which sees dental equipment and software.

It is hoped that the all in one concept is to provide individually designed services suitable for each specific dental practise.

The announcement follows the company's launch last month of the Identify with colour! campaign.

Set to offer different schemes for different dental clinics, the available colours are planned to be topaz, sapphire, jade and crystal - meaning all the units and upholstery would match in colour.

Based in Helsinki, Finland, the company designs, manufactures and markets dental equipment such as digital imaging products and dental care units, to be used in clinics.

Established in 1971, Planmeca employs 2,200 people and has market shares in the US, Japan and a few European countries.

Its estimated turnover for the 2008 financial year is 550 million euros (443 million pounds).

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