AstraZeneca study suggests reasons why patients ignore prescriptions

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AstraZeneca has announced the results of a survey into why some patients do not take their medicines as prescribed.

The firm states the perceived lack of need for a treatment and concerns over affordability are the main reasons why people do not take their drugs in the manner recommended to them.

A total of 20 per cent of respondents cited affordability as the main reason they did not take their medicines as instructed, with the same proportion saying they did not feel as though they needed the medication.

Other reasons included forgetfulness (16 per cent), lack of familial or social support (five per cent) and low satisfaction with the drug they were prescribed (three per cent).

Dr Karen Smith, vice-president of external medical relations at AstraZeneca, comments: "When patients follow the treatment plan that their physicians advise, they are more likely to experience the full benefits of their medicines and ultimately lead healthier lives."

Ray Bullman, executive vice-president of the National Council on Patient Information and Education, adds it is "vitally important" for patients and healthcare providers to communicate effectively about the value of a medicine which is part of a treatment plan.

In recent days, AstraZeneca announced the US Food and Drug Administration has approved its once-daily Seroquel XR extended release tablets for the acute treatment of depressive episodes associated with bipolar disorder.

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