Goldshield announces launch of Kamillosan products

Pharmacy Supplier News

Goldshield has announced the launch of two new products in its Kamillosan range.

The firm has introduced its 100 per cent Natural Cradle Cap Oil and Stretch Mark and C-section Souffle Cream to boost the brand in the mother and baby category.

Kamillosan 100 per cent Natural Cradle Cap Oil is manufactuerd with a combination of natural plant oils and can be used without restriction.

The Stretch Mark and C-Section Souffle Cream includes a blend of cocoa butter and vitamin E to reduce the appearance of scarring and stretch mark, containing collagen derived from plants to reportedly maintain the elasticity and tightness of skin.

"These additions were developed following feedbacks from healthcare professionals and mums and are part of a series of new launches that will take place at regular intervals," Goldshield said.

It added that products introduced via this brand name will be paraban-free and as natural as possible, while containing natural soothing substance chamomile.

In June 2008, Goldshield announced the launch of the Centural product line in line with the Trees for the Future programme, with five trees planted for every unit sold.

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