3DISC’s Heron IOS upgrade to be unveiled


This year’s Greater New York Dental Meeting with be the venue for 3DISC’s unveiling of the new version of its Heron IOS software platform with enhanced scanner performance and a state-of-the-art case management software interface.

Improved features will be available in the new update including increased accuracy, a higher resolution and advanced quality output; also an improvement to speed and performance will come alongside a new way to store significant amounts of 3D data. Furthermore, there is an estimated thirty-percent increase on scanning speed, support for twenty series graphic cards and improved bite alignment. The company will use this opportunity to introduce their brand new case management interface which aims to increase productivity and simplify the impression-taking process, through an easy to navigate workflow feature.

“ 3DISC’s unveiling of the new version of its Heron IOS software platform.“

3DISC’s Deputy Group CEO, Thomas Weldingh, stated: “We have come a long way since the first version of our scanner that we launched over a year ago. We have recently launched two major software upgrades that are important milestones for us, in that they take the Heron IOS solution to the next level of Intraoral Scanning.”

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