Thermo Fisher Scientific develops ‘SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer’ for forensics


Thermo Fisher’s Applied Biosystems SeqStudio Genetic Analyser for Human Identification, a straightforward, inexpensive capillary electrophoresis platform capable of gold standard quality STR based DNA profiles whilst maintaining performance, is now available to forensic scientists.

Validate as per SWGDAM guidelines, the new product has been developed for paternity

“Thermo Fisher Scientific develops ‘SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer’ for forensics.“

laboratories as well as small to medium sized forensic DNA analysis and uses an integrated cartridge that incorporates the polymer reservoir, anode buffer and capillary array, minimising processing time and making instrument set-up easier. Moreover, the SeqStudio Genetic Analyser has a user-friendly interface and offers the latest developments in touchscreen usability, allowing forensic scientists to access data more conveniently. Also, the system is designed to make it uncomplicated for both beginner and experienced users who require a simple instrumentation experience for forensic analysis.

Vice President and General Manager of the human identification business at Thermo Fisher Scientific, Martin Guillet, stated: “Forensic DNA analysis using STRs and capillary electrophoresis has been in use for nearly twenty-five years. This technology has aided in convictions of cases such as the Green River Killer in Seattle and the Grim Reaper in Los Angeles. The SeqStudio Genetic Analyser will allow smaller laboratories to upgrade their current platforms with a modernised system at an affordable price. Laboratories using the higher capacity Applied Biosystems 3500 Genetic Analyser may also choose to set up an urgent sample workflow with the SeqStudio system to better manage their sample processing queue.”

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