Boehringer Ingelheim 'outpaces pharmaceutical market'

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Boehringer Ingelheim has asserted that 2007 was a year of success, with its growth outstripping that of the general market for the eighth year in a row.

Dr Alessandro Banchi, chairman of the board of managing directors of the firm and head of the corporate board division of pharma marketing and sales, responded to this news positively.

"Our products are benefiting patients, our product pipeline is well equipped and our workforce is highly motivated," he remarked.

However, it was not an entirely straight forward year for the organisation.

Boehringer Ingelheim stated that the strength of the euro against both the US dollar and the Japanese yen, combined with a fall in sales for the Mobic product had made it a tough period for the company.

In related news, last month the European commission approved the marketing of Boehringer Ingelheim drug Pradaxa - a novel, oral direct thrombin inhibitor - meaning it will be launched in Germany and the UK soon.

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