Randox's biochip screens for 17 synthetic steroids


Randox has developed a new biochip system which is able to screen for 17 synthetic steroids in a single sample.

Screening for gestagens and other steroids including trenbolone, boldenone and stanozolol, the biochip replaces some 17 individual tests with a single assay.

Synthetic steroids are often used to treat debilitated animal in order to increase appetite and muscle mass – however their use has been provisionally prohibited in food-producing animals by the European Union.

According to Randox, the benefits of its synthetic steroids biochip includes that all the tests are performed simultaneously using multi-analyte reagents and a single small sample.

Randox is a UK-based international diagnostics company which develops, manufactures and markets clinical diagnostics products worldwide.

This latest advance follows a range of recent developments by the company including the introduction of its Drugs of Abuse biochip which it claims is a "rapid" "cost effective" method of screening for up to ten different drugs.

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