New Virtual TruScan RM App from Thermo Fisher Scientific


Biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturers who are advancing towards the likes of cloud computing are now able to acquire a new virtual companion to the ‘Thermo Scientific TruScan RM Handheld Raman Analyser’. The digital device is an original concept which allows the reprocessing of spectra, using TruScan RM’S algorithm in the cloud as well as allowing method authentication without needing a real-life sample.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are able to save both time and money through The Virtual TruScan RM (VTR) App as it speeds up the release of new materials into production and minimalizes the current global method validation process costs.

“The Virtual TruScan RM App released.“

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Vice President and General Manger in field and safety instruments, Erica Hirsch, stated: "In addition to growing regulatory pressures, and one-hundred percent raw material identity verification requirements, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing sites are seeing an increase in new materials for which they must build new, thoroughly validated methods. The Virtual TruScan RM App enables globalized method validation using cloud computing to overcome many critical problems facing pharmaceutical manufacturers. Method development and validation teams, senior scientists and compliance and quality managers bear the burden of shipping samples around the world for method validation, a challenging, time-consuming and expensive process that the VTR App is designed to reduce significantly."

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