Millipore partners with Guava to offer solutions for flow cytometry


Millipore has entered into a long-term partnership with Guava Technologies to deliver integrated flow cytometry solutions to scientists conducting research into cell biology.

According to the company, products resulting from the union will provide scientists with "superior" technical performance and higher quality data.

Millipore's sample prep and reagents will be combined with Guava's instrument platform to create an integrated offering which will bring the advantages of flow cytometry directly to cell biologists wanting to measure changes in protein expression within individual cells.

Under the terms of the agreement, Millipore will gain exclusive rights to distribute Guava's non-clinical instrumentation within defined fields of North America and Europe, while Guava will benefit from Millipore providing field service for its instrumentation within the same areas.

Together the companies will work to develop a new generation of instrumentation with enhanced performance and functionality.

Millipore works within the life sciences industry providing multi-disciplinary scientific expertise and a portfolio of leading edge technologies, tools and services for bioscience research.

It employees more than 6,000 individuals across 47 countries.

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