Bovilis Intranasal launched by MSD

Animal Health

MSD has launched a new intranasal vaccine called ‘Bovilis Intranasal RSP’, which helps ease the clinical indication of viral shedding from infection and respiratory disease with Pi3V and BRSV. The vaccine provides immunity after five days for BRSV and seven days for Pi3V, with an overall twelve weeks immunity for both viruses.

Furthermore, Bovilis Intranasal RSP is labelled as a farm friendly, easy to manage nasal suspension product that doesn’t require a particular applicator, and up to six hours after mixing with the solvent, it can be used on farm.

“MSD launch Bovilis Intranasal.“

Kate Baxter-Smith, MSD’s Animal Health Ruminant Veterinary Advisor, stated: “Early age protection of calves through intranasal vaccination can help prevent pneumonia and positively impact a calf’s productive future. The sooner and faster these young calves can be protected against viral BRD and the permanent lung damage it causes, the better their potential lifetime productivity, be it in terms of delivering expected milk yield in the dairy herd or growth performance on the beef unit. This equates to protection against viral replication in the nasopharyngeal cavity, reduction of virus shedding and protection of the calf against subsequent clinical symptoms.”

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