QIAGEN launches new modular processing platform


QIAGEN has revealed the first system of a novel modular platform designed to offer laboratories a new level of flexibility, convenience and safety.

The QIA Symphony SP is the first in a series of modular instruments to be used within a broad range of molecular sample and assay applications.

According to QIAGEN, it can be integrated to automate entire workflows- from sample to result- and can be used to meet laboratory's applied testing, pharmaceutical and life science research needs.

The QIA Symphony SP allows users to load many types of samples in a variety of formats and then isolate, purify and prepare target analytes for further analysis- something which is often viewed as the most challenging step in molecular analysis.

Peer Schatz, chief executive officer of QIAGEN, said: "We are very excited to unveil our QIA Symphony platform and with it the first module: QIA Symphony SP. Standardization and process safety are key for today's labs."

"Cutting-edge technologies, innovative functions and proven QIAGEN chemistries make the QIA Symphony a truly unique solution and create a strong basis for further expansion of our already broad and leading offering of automated sample and assay technologies," he continued.

QIAGEN is a leading provider of sample and assay technologies, providing more than 500 products and technologies use to isolate DNA, RNA and proteins from any biological samples.

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