PerkinElmer launches advanced Tri-Carb liquid scintillation analysers


PerkinElmer has introduced a new family of Tri-Carb liquid scintillation analysers for use in radiometric detection.

The company considers this a "major step forward" in automated sample tracking, due to its barcode reader system, an industry first in liquid scintillation analysers.

Dr. Richard Eglen, president, Molecular Medicine, PerkinElmer said: "The advanced barcode reader technology integrated into the new Tri-Carb LSAs reduces errors in sample tracking and improves lab efficiency with enhanced sample screening and post-processing data analysis capabilities."

Dr Eglen added that the company's patented time-resolved liquid scintillation counting technology reduces electronic background, increasing radioactivity detection sensitivity.

Liquid scintillation analysis is utilised as a measurement tool for applications that require radioisotope tracers.

The new products will allow researchers to screen against a target contaminant threshold and track thousands of samples each day with greater accuracy.

PerkinElmer is a global technology leader "driving growth and innovation" in the health sciences and photonics markets.

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