Vaccinations urged as deadly virus hits

Vet / Veterinary Surgeon News

A potentially fatal virus which affects dogs has been found in Chippenham, leading to vets urging owners to vaccinate and monitor their animals.

The sometimes fatal parvovirus has so far claimed the lives of two town dogs, This Is Wiltshire has warned.

It is one of the biggest killers of dogs in Britain and is easily spread as dogs can be infected through other animals' excrement.

Vet Caroline Neale told the newspaper owners should make sure all their pets are up to date with their vaccinations.

"Although the virus can still affect fully vaccinated animals, it is much less likely to be fatal ? We do see bouts of it and unfortunately there seems to be an outbreak now," she commented.

Animal health product manufacturer Intervet explains that canine parvovirus emerged as an epidemic in the 1970s, when it killed thousands of dogs.

Symptoms of the virus include depression, vomiting and diarrhoea, it states.

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